Who We Are

Simply put, we are a small business that wants to empower and inspire men and women to live healthy lives. There is too much self deprecation. Too much depression. Too much anxiety brought on by various stress inducers. We want to tell you that you are Olympian Strong. You can become the person you've dreamed about. You can be your best self. We are building this company primarily in the aquatics niche market as that is our first love. Having been former competitive swimmers, we want this website to become the hub of knowledge - full of workouts, how to videos, inspirational quotes, good eats, and the tools to exercise.

We are also anxiously engaged in supporting the baby boomer generation. Most of us can relate to a mother who is not financially secure or has needs that are beyond what she can overcome herself. We want to help them, but just don't know what. Well, we want to change that. We have big plans for this area in our business so that we can be there when you need us. Remember our mission statement:

"To empower those in need. To embody that which we desire to become through exercise and healthy living."

First Things First

At Olympian Athletics, our first goal was to create a swim cap that was comfortable to wear for those with long hair.  We wanted to provide swimmers and water aerobics enthusiasts of all levels a solution to the tight, uncomfortable swim caps so prevalent throughout the market.  Our solution is the Comfort Fit Swim Cap for Long Hair - a unique swim cap designed just for men and women with long hair.

This model was designed to place no tension on the ears, making it easy for swimmers to concentrate on strokes and exercises instead of the irritation of a tight swim cap. The Comfort Fit model was also designed to be pain free when putting on and taking off, offering high-grade silicone to reduce hair snags for both wet and dry hair. The same silicone is stronger than latex and more comfortable than other silicones, all the while providing a good streamline to help you glide through the water with ease.