New Brand Coming June 2019

June 5th, 2019 - Las Vegas, NV

Olympian Athletics announced they are altering their brand name and logos to NewYu Fitness.

"After careful consideration, we feel that we want to better align ourselves to our mission and the expand our services to create a healthy lifestyle for more people than just in the aquatics niche." - Michael Parker - CEO/Founder of Olympian Athletics

Olympian Athletics will phase out their brands under Olympian starting June 1st, 2019.

Changes to Customer Warranties: All warranties currently existing to support customer purchases under the Olympian brand sold by Olympian Athletics will not be affected during this transfer.

Purpose: NewYu Fitness is geared to better focus on the overall health of our customers. Our company is ran by former competitive swimmers and we will continue to offer incredible customer service and swim support as customers pursue their goals of living healthy.

The term "NewYu" is a play on words signaling to any individual that they can commit to become the person their ideal self. Overcoming obstacles in fitness or in general life deserves any support we can offer.

New Products: NewYu Fitness products will be rolling out as early as June in celebration of the new brand. New products under the NewYu brand so far include the the Resistance Bands and Sliders and kids swim caps. The swim caps for kids will be launched late June 2019.


NewYu Fitness