Exercise Resistance Loop Bands + Sliders

What are these?

NewYu Fitness Exercise Bands and sliders

Our exercise bands and core abdominal floor slider discs shed fat, tone muscle, build stamina, and increase flexibility. If you're a swimmer, expect to win. If you're wanting a home gym, a travel companion, or cubicle desk exercise, grab these. Simply put, you're going to achieve the "new you" you've always wanted.

Skeptic Meatheads say these are worthless. That may be true if the size of your bicep is the size of your head, but if you're normal we got your covered. 

Add years to your life with our mini exercise bands and floor sliders. This is our gift to help you become your best self, the new you - 'Olympian Strong'.

And if you do like lifting weights, add these into your routine while lifting. In fact, we believe these will change your life so much, we call them our "NewYu" Fitness gear. Enjoy.

Mini Exercise Bands + Sliders

NewYu Fitness Exercise Bands and Sliders


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Welcome to the New You.


Outer Knee Joint Pain? You could have IT Band Syndrome (ITBS).

Common? Yes.

Who gets it? Anyone but runners and bicyclists primarily

Is it serious? Nothing to go to doctor about unless you don't do anything about it.

Causes? Weak hip and glute muscles primarily.

Treatments? Massage it out using foam roller or some other tool. Then strengthen it after inflammation has disappeared.

Prevention? You're looking at it. NewYu Fitness Exercise Bands alone can strengthen your hip and our knee muscles including the IT Band. Lay on your side and raise your knee up and down using the appropriate intensity band suitable for you. 

We give you 5 natural latex resistance bands + 2 sliders to really engage that core to make sure your body is protected by muscle. Your core is everything. Keep it strong.

Take action and prove to yourself that you're worth it. Get the entire package on sale at Amazon. Claim your gear and start winning now.