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New Product: Resistance Loop Bands + Sliders

5 Resistance Bands. 2 Sliders. 1 Amazing Workout.

In pursuit to empower individuals to achieve their best selves, Olympian Athletics has launched a new brand called, "NewYu Fitness". The name says it all. No more waiting for New Year's resolutions (to eventually break). More results. Better support. Better people.

NewYu Fitness is aimed to provide the support everyone needs to achieve their goals. We want to give you a product and say to you, "Welcome to the New You". We are working on building out a support platform that will help you achieve results. No one can do it alone, even when we think we should!

Resistance bands alone are great workouts. But couple them with floor sliders and you got yourself a powerhouse routine that will leave you felling strong. Olympian Strong. 

Our Mini Bands are Great for: Runners, Bicyclists, Swimmers, Physical Therapy patients, Strength Training individuals, Elderly, Pregnant women, Post Partum women, Triathletes.

So here's to you. The New You. Or should I say, "NewYu"?

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But Let's not forget...

The #1 Swim Cap for Long Hair 

Each one of our products come with a BUYBACK Promise. So, don't like it? We'll buy your stuff back and suggest a competitor... because our biggest priority is to get you in the water ASAP.

Enjoy the water ;)